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To CONTACT AN ADVERTISER use the listed phone number or website. If none is shown you have to login or register to send a message to that advertiser.

To CONTACT SALVO use the button below. This will not send a message to an advertiser.

WARNING about fraudsters and scammers

Fraud, fraudsters, scams, scammers, chancers and nuisances

We ask users of SalvoWEB to agree that USE IS AT THEIR OWN RISK. We do this because a small number of users of SalvoWEB are scammers, fraudsters, chancers and nuisances.

Users may receive emails that are not genuine responses to their advertisements.

Some of these responses will be annoying but harmless, for example, 'I have not got what you want, but you may wish to try something like this instead . . .'

Some responses may be clever attempts to defraud users of large amounts of money, often in less than perfect English, for example, 'Dear seller, I am interested in buying your advertise goods which was posted for sale, i will like to know the selling price of the goods and the present condition of it also i will like to let you know that i have a shipping company that do takes cares of my goods they will be responsible for the picking up of the it immediately will seal the transaction and i will also like to inform you that i have a client that will pay on behalf of me with a certiified cashier cheque.i will be looking forward to read from you as early as possible . Best regards.' Do not reply to any messages like this but contact your local police high-tech crime unit who may ask for a copy of the message. Salvo will cooperate fully with police requests for further information about registered users who send these types of messages.

DEALING with a stranger:
Do not give out personal details.
Treat as if they had contacted you anonymously by telephone.
Be very careful with every financial transaction.
The internet is like the Wild West without any Sheriffs.
Be very cautious.

SELLING to a stranger:
Never accept payment for goods from anyone who offers to pay using more than one credit card.
Never accept over-payment for goods on the basis that you will pay shipping costs.
Never allow the goods to be collected before payment has been made.

BUYING from a stranger:
Do not pay a deposit in advance, always pay in full on delivery.
Always inspect goods before paying for them.
Do not pay by credit card over the phone for internet purchases.

IDENTITY CHECK BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE - If you have received a reply to an ad that you placed on our systems, and are in any doubt, please contact Salvo and ask for an identity check on the user concerned. You can contact Salvo by using any of the 'Email Salvo' boxes that appear on most pages on this site. Give your name and email address, and the relevant details of the person who contacted you. Salvo will check the user's details and get back to you. DO NOT DEAL WITH THAT PERSON UNTIL WE HAVE CONTACTED YOU. Please note that we can only comment on registered users who have contacted you via our own messaging system.

Salvo security in 2005
New users with Hotmail email accounts have been banned. We accept that this is very inconvenient for genuine Hotmail users, but our experience has shown that the majority of fraudsters use Hotmail as it protects their anonymity. We have blocked some smaller free email providers, like Outblaze in Hong Kong, and may do the same with other big free email providers like yahoo and gmail.
We have stopped allowing URL's to be inserted in the body of messages. This is used by porn and viagra merchants. Anyone who does this is now immediately blocked and has to wait for us to verify them before they are allowed to continue using the system.
We have taken steps to require a few anonymous but legitimate users to provide verifiable proof of their identity and address to us, even if this information is not available to other users. These are usually traders who advertise regularly.
Salvo security in 2004
There were a million visitors to SalvoWEB in 2004.
5,000 visitors became registered users on SalvoWEB.
50 users were suspected fraudsters who were blocked from using SalvoWEB by Salvo's moderators within one or two hours of them registering.
However, one UK user was defrauded of 1,500 by a user in Belgium who offered to buy the UK user's goods using a stolen cheque in excess of the asking price. They asked the UK user to pay their shipper 1,500 by credit card. The buyer disappeared, their stolen cheque bounced and the shipper could not be contacted.

For more on online security try:
Fraud site run by UK banks (2005) Phishing, Trojans and Money Mule recruitment
Cyber crime police links (2004) US, UK and other countries Police High Tech Crime Units
US Federal Trade Commission Security (2003) Keyloggers, Spyware, consumer and business information
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